The Austrian Country Signing CA (CSCA)

This website contains information on the Austrian CSCA operated by the Federal Ministry of Interior (BM.I).
The distinguished name of the CSCA is C=AT, O=GV, OU=BMI, CN=CSCA-AUSTRIA.

CSCA Public Key Certificate

The CSCA uses one main key pair. The main key pair is used to issue Document Signer certificates. In the most unlikely case that the main key pair becomes unusable, there will be created a new main key pair published on this website.
The DER encoded certificate for the CSCA public key can be found below. The information required to verify the authenticity of the following certificate is also available in authentic printed form upon request.

Main Public Key Certificate

The current main public key is available as self-signed certificate (1,1 KB) . The public key has the relative distinguished name SN=01.

The SHA-256 fingerprint of the self-signed certificate is 46:7B:29:82:26:4C:05:B1:16:37:2B:B2:2E:AA:7A:5B:32:DB:8F:FA:9C:70:5A:DB:85:71:C3:AC:06:B8:12:6C (shown in IE and Firefox as SHA-1 fingerprint DC:59:B1:BF:29:2E:12:FB:92:A0:7C:B4:E9:1E:4F:25:24:6A:8F:B8 respectively MD5 fingerprint BA:7E:45:A9:AB:43:BA:52:79:8E:9A:42:89:71:E1:D9).

Communication with the CSCA

The primary communication channel with the CSCA is email.

Outgoing Information

The information the CSCA sends out includes, but is not limited to, DS certificates and CRL.
Unless a communication channel with a relying party is already established (e.g. the email address is known from the SubjectAlternativeName extension contained in a CSCA certificate) registration with the CSCA is required to receive such information. The registration should include at least an email address and a proof of origin.


Bundesministerium für Inneres
Ref. III/3/a
Minoritenplatz 9
1014 Wien